Yacht Management

Every yacht is a small business unit on her own, or more likely a luxury vacation house into seawater! As such, in order to run her properly, a yachtsman, owner or captain, is confronted with a wide range of management issues, maintenance, crew, regulatory, safety and security, even accounting ones, whilst the yacht should at the same time serve her main purpose of pleasure and recreation.

We, at ARGO MARITIME, can take care of all these details, while yacht owners save money, time and enjoy their precious possession. Because at ARGO MARITIME we take your yacht’s care personally.

Yacht owners from all over the world put their trust in ARGO MARITIME to care for one of their most valuable assets, while providing them efficient and economical services.

ARGO MARITIME offers a full range of owner services, designed to keep every yacht meticulously maintained for flawless performance, total onboard enjoyment and maximum return at re-sale time. We offer tailor-made arrangements according to owner’s needs and demands.

Our Yacht Management Services

Weekly Yacht Maintenance

Vessel’s general cleaning, mooring ropes checking, run main engines, control check generators, batteries and all bridge nautical equipment, keeping malfunctions record, keeping and updating yacht’s logs and documents, duties and fees, insurance, life rafts and fire extinguishers assessment, etc.

Technical Support

Whether it is your annual yacht maintenance or emergency repairs, no job is too big or complicated for us. Our team in cooperation with a network of specialist services, shipyards, engineers and naval architects can master any issue and provide you with a complete range of electrical, mechanical, carpentry and painting services.

Refits & Repairs

ARGO MARITIME can undertake any technical project, from refits and scheduled annual maintenance to emergency repairs, whether ashore or afloat. Our dedicated staff will offer you complete support in cooperation with a network of specialised yachting professionals.

During a refit or any other maintenance work we will ensure the management of your finances as well as the proper completion of the project, through a documented work plan and correct hiring and controlling of contractors.

Berthing Arrangements

ARGO MARITIME can assist you in finding the most suitable yacht anchorage through our knowledge of yacht marinas and ports anywhere in Greece. We can source berths in all major marinas at the most competitive rates.


Being licensed shipping agents, registered at the Central Port Authority of Piraeus, yacht owners can entrust us the representation of the owning company.


Regulatory Compliance

In a constantly changing and complex legal & fiscal environment, it is our duty to monitor your obligations towards tax, port and customs authorities and consult you accordingly. In addition, we make respective payments to the authorities for you.


Crew Placement & Training

Whether permanent or season- or even trip-based, we can make arrangements for any kind of crew member, from captain to sailor/seaman, deckhand, steward, etc.

Flags & Certifications

ARGO MARITIME can provide you assistance with the appropriate flag selection and organise the relevant surveys, certifications and documentation. We can furthermore advise you on the company ownership structure, whether the yacht will be operated for private or commercial use.


Accounting Services

Our finance experts will provide you with concise monthly expense reports and future forecasts, develop annual operating costs budgets, process payments on your behalf, and advise on yachting accounting issues.


Advantage of Special Discounts

You can benefit from a series of rebates and special discounts through the network of our service partners, marine store suppliers, port services, dry docks, etc. It is our undisputed duty to protect our clients from overpriced services.


Yacht Deliveries

Our experienced captains and crew can make one-off yacht transportation arrangements, from one port to another, for you to hop in relaxed and continue your cruise.

In addition, our captains can deliver your vessel to the dockyard/shipyard for her scheduled maintenance, or take her out on sea trial. Whatever your need, our team will be there for you.


After thorough search of the best combination of price and fuel quality, we can arrange the refuelling of your motor yacht wherever you are.

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